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Qubits in Diamond

Diamond. The ideal host for our high-fidelity qubits.
Calibrated once, diamond provides eternal functionality.

The SaxonQ diamond chip contains billions of carbon atoms. Our qubits are made from individual nitrogen atoms that we introduce in a deterministic ion implantation process into the diamond crystal lattice. Every nitrogen atom together with a neighboring missing carbon atom forms a "NV" qubit (nitrogen-vacancy center). Atomic nuclei in the vicinity of the NV center contribute further qubits to the quantum processor. The SaxonQ diamond chip is based on patented technology for implantation of nitrogen with a high yield that enables the fabrication of high-fidelity qubits.

The superior computing capability of a quantum computer is based on two quantum mechanical phenomena that are counter-intuitive to our everyday experience. These are superposition and entanglement. A qubit can have two different well-defined states 0 and 1. This is similar to the states of a classical bit that can be found in any current computer. However, the quantum mechanical superposition means that the qubit can also be in a state where it is at the same time 0 and 1; also known as the “Schrödinger’s cat state”. Superposition releases the quantum computer from basic binary guardrails and this in turn enables vast compute power.

The second quantum mechanical marvel is entanglement. Here, two or more spatially separated qubits are interconnected with each other without direct interaction. Einstein called this non-locality property of quantum mechanics a "spooky interaction at a distance" and did not believe that this phenomenon could be possible. Today this effect is well understood and together with superposition provides the key functionality of the SaxonQ quantum computer.

Creating Value For Your Company


Environmental protection measures to support slowing the advance of climate change, present new opportunities for renewable energy and quantum computing. As electricity grids become more decentralized and dependent on sustainable energy sources, it will become key to ensure the efficient delivery of renewable energy. Quantum computing will enable the optimized analysis of critical weather linked inputs by synthesizing complex resource distribution and flows to find an optimal solution for this new modern-day challenge.


Statistical Probabilities, Simulation, Real-Time Pricing. These are a small subset of activities undertaken daily by financial institutions across the globe to decrease risks and increase economic success. The power of quantum computing will revolutionize big data “crunchtime” allowing for challenges such as unstructured data sets, real-time risk models and noisy market pricing data to be analyzed at quantum speed. Quantum computing is a game changer for the markets. Early adopters will be able to use the SaxonQ quantum computer to start running algorithms that will change the face of finance for years to come.


Quantum Computing will play an increasingly important role in medicine. From helping with the analysis of data, production of anti-viral drugs to ending drug experimentation on animals, the compute power of the quantum computer will impact how healthcare is delivered for decades to come. We look forward to the day when the quantum computer can be used as a simulator to understand the rules of biology, allowing drugs to be tailored to individuals for more effective treatments. It will all be possible with quantum computing.


Quantum computing has significant potential in the area of mobility and logistics. With the ability to process complex data sets in real-time, the advances in logistical efficiency are open-ended. Reliable decisions around transportation routes as well as in the management of goods in warehouses and the onward distribution will all enjoy efficiency gains due to quantum computing. The efficiencies creating through tighter and faster processing will be a true differentiator for the mobility and logistics sector.

Use Cases

Most industry sectors require the ability to analyze complex data sets and simulated data outcomes. Researchers and analysts are oftentimes constrained by the speed of today’s binary computers. Quantum computers will revolutionize the speed at which these calculations are performed, accelerating and improving neural networks. This will unleash significant benefits across the industrial and financial landscape. We offer our customers the ability to grow with the continuous progress being made in quantum computing. As we develop the technology, the new capability can be quickly and easily rolled out to our customers.